adjust itself to such new constraints?

Pierre Perrier and David Perrier, founders of Essential Consulting, offer their expertise, their experience and their network in the field of European and international cosmetic regulatory affairs in order to help their customers:

• Better understand the regulations and their impacts,
• Anticipate on the evolutions of these regulations and their consequences,
• Develop tools in order to meet their requirements.


Adapted answers 
to each of our clients.

Pierre Perrier

David Perrier

Pierre and David Perrier founded Essential Consulting in 2005, wishing to offer their customers a global vision of the cosmetic industry and customized answers to their regulatory issues.

Pierre Perrier, with more than forty years in the cosmetic industry, combines a concrete experience as Vice-President Research & Development for major international cosmetic companies, with a real knowledge in the regulatory field acquired in particular as President of several working groups at Cosmetics Europe (International Cooperation, Natural Substances, Reflection on the future of the Cosmetic Directive,…) and as industry representative at AFSSAPS (French Health Agency).

David Perrier has been active in the cosmetic industry for twenty years, as product development manager for prestigious fragrance brands and as account manager for a fragrance compound supplier.

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Brands, importers, 
distributors, sub-contractors…

Worldwide, and in Europe particularly, regulatory constraints are getting more and more pronounced. What was until recently perceived as a simple administrative burden is more and more becoming a company’s strategy structuring element.

In this context, Essential Consulting offers to each of its clients a customized answer, whatever its size or activity (brands, importers, distributors,
sub-contractors…). We can help you in the following fields, amongst others:

• Audit, upgrading or full compilation of European Product Information Files,
• Customized regulatory intelligence, allowing to anticipate on new regulatory texts or measures concerning ingredients,
• Adaptation of advertising texts and packagings to regulatory constraints,
• Answer to any question regarding international cosmetics regulations.

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Regulatory news international 
society is constantly evolving,

it aims to educate you to themes 
that will have a real
and concrete impact on your

Nanoparticles, parabens, methylisothiazolinone, triclosan, fragrance allergens... Many substances are currently under the spotlight and should in a near future be banned, restricted or submitted to new labeling rules.
Reformulation or cosmetic products is a growing part of the activity of most companies. Anticipating the evolutions can limit the cost and the global impact of these reformulations.
Essential Consulting can help you anticipating these evolutions. We are at your disposal to evaluate the potential impact of these reformulations on your products.

A european Regulation on advertising claims was recently published. National control authorities will carefully check the respect of this text.
Essential Consulting puts its expertise at your disposal in order to help you find the right balance between the respect of the regulatory texts and the attractivity of your products and their claims.

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